Paper 3 Review Pack Now Ready!

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Download FREE preview here! The pack contains everything you need to get a 7 in Paper Three. Example answers (with examiner comments) Practice papers Key terms glossary Explanation of all learning outcomes Tips on how to write exam questions Don’t let Paper Three bring you down!!! Paper Three is the one that most IB Psychology students struggle with and it …

How do you “explain the problem/issue” in essay introductions?

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In the new IB Psychology curriculum, students have to “explain the problem/issue raised in the question” to get 2 marks for their essays (Paper 1, Part B and Paper 2). But what does this mean and how do you do it? In this post, I’ll explain what I think it means and will show a simple framework for how students …

Tips for writing “Discuss research related to…” essays

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In the new IB Psychology syllabus it’s fair to anticipate numerous questions that will require students to discuss research related to particular topics. This will be especially true in the options. Here are some possible questions: Discuss research related to neuroplasticity. Discuss research related to attachment. Discuss research related to bystanderism. You can find an example essay here: Sample Essay from …

How to explain the use of a research method

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In both the “old” and “new” IB Psychology syllabi, students have to be able to discuss the use of research methods (and brain imaging techniques). Before we see how to do this, it’s important to make one clarification first: the IB considers the following to be research methods: Experiments (including true, natural, quasi and field experiments) Case studies Correlational studies Interviews …

Lesson/Revision Idea: The Two Minute Drill

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How it works… Put two minutes on a timer (I use a trusty kitchen timer) Project a possible exam question, maybe one for a topic that you’ve been working on or revising Students have two minutes to outline a plan of how they’d answer that question A4 pieces of paper cut in half are good to use Collect all answers …

10 Example Exam Answers!

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CRACK THE IB CODE WITH OUR EXAM PREP PACKS These example answers will show you how surprisingly simple it is to get a 7! These ten example answers (+ 2 bonus answers) demonstrate how to write excellent answers by following a very simple structure. They also include examiner-style commentaries that explain what is required to get top marks. YOU CAN FIND THE ANSWERS HERE! YOU CAN DOWNLOAD A …

Quizlets: Enculturation and Acculturation

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The following Quizlets will help students revise key terms and studies for the enculturation and acculturation topics covered in IB Psychology: A Student’s Guide.  Enculturation/Acculturation Key Terms Quizlet (Link) Enculturation/Acculturation Key Studies Quizlet (Link) A link to these have been included in the unit plan in the Social Influence Teacher Support Pack (Part I).

So you want to assess population validity?

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This post has a twin-sister: “So you want to assess ecological validity?” If you’re reading this it might be because you’ve written something like this in your answer and tried to fob it off as critical thinking: “One of the limitations of this study was that it has a small sample size and so lacks population validity.”  The thing to …

T.E.A.C.U.P…and why I don’t use it.

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Yesterday I posted about how to evaluate psychological theories in three simple steps. I mentioned John Crane’s popular acronym T.E.A.C.U.P, which stands for: testable, evidence, applications, construct validity, unbiased and predictive validity. (It can be found on John’s website, too). This is an alternative to my “Let’s make a DEAL” framework for evaluating theories. You can see that my DEAL framework …

Let’s make a D.E.A.L – evaluating theories in three simple steps

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I teach my students to look for three things when evaluating theories: Evidence Applications Limitations Let’s make a D.E.A.L Most students are capable of independently explaining these three things. When teaching essay writing on theories I teach students to use my own “Let’s make a D.E.A.L” strategy and not TEACUP. D.E.A.L Describe the theory Explain the Evidence Applications of the theory …