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You can prepare for IB Psychology by asking three simple questions: What is…? How does…? …but…? The first question tests your knowledge, the second tests your deeper understanding of the topic and the third tests your critical thinking. The following quiz is designed to test your ability to answer the first question. (Scroll down for the answers) Read More Understanding IB …

Describe vs. Explain: Is there a difference?
Understanding command terms with REAL examples of exam answers

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Describe and Explain mean different things. Obviously. But when they’re used in short answer questions in IB Psychology, do they really require different answers? In this post I’ll put forward my argument for my the command terms in SAQs are irrelevant and how a generic structure can be used to score top marks. Those of you who have read my posts …

Exam Tip: Etiologies of Abnormal Psychology
Tips for writing excellent essays in Paper 2

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As my students are preparing for an essay test this week on the topic “Etiology of Abnormal Psychology,” I thought I would share some advice on how to write good essays. The advice gets more specific and complex and the post goes on, so if nothing else I’d strongly recommend following tips 1 and 2. The etiology of abnormal psychology …

Exam Answer: Localization Short Answer Response
An example SAR following a simple 7-step format

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Recently I wrote a post about how to write better short answer responses (SARs) in 7 simple steps for IB Psych’ Paper 1 and this video explains the same. But the only reason I am able to explain these frameworks with confidence is because I’ve written 100s of examples. Here’s one I’ll share with you. The example SAR below is …

Understanding IB Psychology with 3 Easy Questions

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The IB Psychology course can be a confusing beast and while the official IB Guide is there to tell us what we need to teach (as teachers) and study (as students), it’s not always clear. So I came up with a way of breaking down the IB Psychology course into three simple questions. Thinking about IB Psychology in the following …

Critical Thinking Summarized in ONE WORD!

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Understanding the requirements of critical thinking can be a tricky task for students and teachers. While everyone has their own ideas about what “critical thinking” is and what it looks like in IB Psych’ exam answers, this post provides a simple and straightforward answer.  I like to define critical thinking as “a critical reflection of the value and validity of one’s knowledge …

Did your IA’s get moderated down? Learn why with our new IA Peer Review Pack

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Did you have your IB Psychology Internal Assessments (IAs) moderated down and you’re not sure why? Are you frustrated with the feedback from the moderation? Want to understand the new IA requirements better? If so, for the first time we have opened up a limited time service to help you out. Get your IA Peer Review Pack HERE! What We Offer …

7 Simple Steps to Better Exam Answers

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In preparing for our recent IB Psych’ Teachers Workshop in Florida I created a few materials to help clarify and simplify the writing process for exam answers. I figured out that the following 7 steps can be taken in order to create excellent short answer responses (SARs)* for Paper 1, Section A. You could write an excellent short answer response …

Top 5 Mistakes in SARs (and how to fix them)

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The secret to scoring top marks in Paper 1 in IB Psychology is in the short answer responses (SARs). It should be very simple to write excellent SARs, but most students make one or more of the following mistakes which costs them dearly. In this post, we look at the Top 5 Mistakes and I’ll give some tips on how …