Wheel of Fortune: Biological Approach Exam Questions

Travis Dixon Biological Psychology, Revision and Exam Preparation 1 Comment

Test your exam readiness with the Biological Approach Wheel of Fortune!

Click the “Wheel of IB Psych Exam Fortune” below to generate a random SAQ for the Biological approach. Scroll down to see some possible uses for this wheel. 

Ways to use this wheel:

  1. Find an SAQ to practice writing exam answers.
  2. Click the wheel and say the study you would use for the question. Check your notes to make sure it’s the right study!
  3. Teachers can use this wheel to write mock tests and exams. I might use this in class before the test so the students know I am choosing the questions randomly.

Got other ways to use this wheel? Leave a comment below.


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  1. Great find! You could use it with your student names on- then it can randomly pick them to answer questions , their order for presentations or put them into groups?

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