All SAQs in just 22 Studies

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Score higher marks with fewer studies.

While creating the flashcard set for IB Psychology students I had to make sure that there would be enough studies for each topic in the course. This took some meticulous planning. Here’s what I found out…

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There are a total of 41 topics for the Paper 1 SAQs (see them all here). If we include the 6 possible combinations of research methods and ethics questions for every topic there’s a grand total of 59 topics. If you have chosen a linear approach to the IB Psychology course, you might’ve used one study for every topic. This would be a massive amount of studies to revise for only one part of the exams. You’ve still got the essays and Paper Two to consider.

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The SAQs in 22

The key to success in IB Psychology is to study smarter, not harder. Becoming an expert in the concepts and studies will allow you to use some studies for multiple topics. I planned out the studies I would use for the exams (all included in our flashcards). Bear in mind this wasn’t my attempt to get as little studies as possible – it was about choosing the best examples and studies for every topic. Here’s what I found:

  • Biological Approach: 8 studies (Passamonti, Feinstein, Luby, Radke, Cornwell, Meyer-Lindenberg, Baker, Feder.)
  • Cognitive Approach: 7 studies (Peterson and Peterson, Robbins   Bransford and Johnson, Kahneman and Tversky, Loftus and Palmer, Buchanan and Lovallo, Stone)
  • Sociocultural Approach: 7 studies (Park and Rothbart, Barry, Berry, Bandura, Lyons-Padilla, Stone)

You can see below my plan for the biological approach. My plans for the other two approaches are part of the digital downloads that come free with the flashcards.

Teacher Tip: I do not share my “SAQs in 22” document until after I can see in their exam revision workbooks that they have at least tried to do their own revision planning. This is also why I’m not posting the complete document here.

The flashcard series comes with digital revision resources like this one to help you strategize your IB Psychology exam revision.

I also planned out how many and which studies you would need for any exam strategy you took using Abnormal or Human relationships. I’ll post more about that soon.