Quizlet – The SAQ Additional Terms

Travis DixonRevision and Exam Preparation

An easy revision exercise for the IB Psychology exams.

There are 17 possible “SAQ only” terms. At first these might seem daunting, but nearly all of these can be easily combined to the existing topics. One of the best ways to show knowledge of these topics (and earn marks in exams) is to offer precise and concise definitions of these terms. 

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The Terms

These can only be SAQs. They terms will not be used in the essay questions.

SAQ Only Quizlet

Easy Lesson Plan

Today in class my students used their IB Psychology flashcards for 20 minutes to review these key terms. They had to be able to define them and state a relevant study for each. I then used the quizlet cards to randomize the order they appeared on the projector. Students wrote definitions using mini-whiteboards and had one minute for each term. They could get 2 marks for each term (one for the definition and one for the right study) and earned 1 x chocolate M&M per correct answer. It was (I think and hope) an effective way to spend an hour to revise these terms.

Online Learning: You could easily adapt this plan to online learning, except the reward might have to be something different.