Travis DixonAssessment (IB), Biological Psychology, Revision and Exam Preparation

Struggling with agonists, antagonists, neural pruning, etc. etc.? This post will help.

You can prepare for IB Psychology by asking three simple questions:

  1. What is…?
  2. How does…?
  3. …but…?

The first question tests your knowledge, the second tests your deeper understanding of the topic and the third tests your critical thinking. The following quiz is designed to test your ability to answer the first question. (Scroll down for the answers)

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The following questions should be answerable in 1-2 sentences.

  • What is the biological approach to understanding human behavior?
  • What is one technique used to study the brain? (State and define)
  • What is localization (of brain function)?
  • What is neuroplasticity?
  • What is a neurotransmitter?
  • What is neurotransmission?
  • What is a hormone?
  • What is a pheromone?
  • What is a gene?
  • What is one research method that uses genetic similarities?
  • What is a twin or kinship study?
  • What is an evolutionary explanation of behavior?
  • What is one common research method used in studies in the biological approach? (State and define).
  • What is a common ethical consideration relevant to studies in the biological approach? (State and define).
  • HL: What is an animal model?

Download this basic quiz HERE..

Biological Approach “Additional Terms”

  • What is a neural network?
  • What is neural pruning?
  • What is a synapse
  • What is an excitatory neurotransmitter?
  • What is an inhibitory neurotransmitter?
  • What is an agonist?
  • What is an antagonist?
  • What is a neuron?


You can self-assess your knowledge by using the glossary on this post.