IB Psychology Past Exam Papers

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Past papers are available from the OCC (we can't publish due to copyright laws). However, it's easy enough to make your own questions and you can see some samples in this post.

Updated, July 2020

Past Psych specimen papers are available on the IB OCC website. If you’re a student, your teacher will be able to access these. You can also purchase these from the IB Online Store. 

As there is a new IB Psychology curriculum (first exams May 2019) we do not have many past papers for students to use. Also, it’s actually against the IB’s copyright restrictions to post past papers on our store as they sell them through their website. However, you can get a good idea at the types of questions that might be asked by looking at the following questions in our exam question banks:

Paper One Exam Question Banks

You can see example exam answers in this pack.

  • Biological ApproachLINK
    • HL Bio Extension – Animal Studies LINK
  • Cognitive ApproachLINK
    • HL Cog Extension – Technology LINK
  • Sociocultural ApproachLINK
    • HL Soc/cult Extension – Globalization LINK


More on IB Psych Exams:

Paper Two Exam Question Banks

  • Abnormal Psychology LINK
  • Human Relationships LINK
  • Health Psychology – coming soon
  • Developmental Psychology – coming soon

A good approach to preparing for exams is to understand the requirements and format of each exam paper and begin to design your own questions.

Paper Three Example Paper

  • Practice Paper – Observation of Hospitals LINK
  • Paper 3 Stimulus Material Example LINK

A whole bunch of practice Paper 3s are included in our Qualitative Method Teacher Support Pack.


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More exam help is included in our revision book