Past papers are available from the OCC (we can't publish due to copyright laws). However, it's easy enough to make your own questions and you can see some samples in this post.

IB Psychology Past Exam Papers

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A note on past papers:

Past Psych specimen papers are available on the IB OCC website. If you’re a student, your teacher will be able to access these. You can also purchase these from the IB Online Store. However, except for Paper 3 (Qualitative Research), I really don’t think you need to worry about viewing past papers too much; the questions are derived from the topics, so if you know your research, understand the command terms and know how to apply knowledge to the topics, you’re fine.

Read my post on how to write your own exam papers* for more guidance on what to expect in the exams.

*Note: this is for the old syllabus.

A good approach to preparing for exams is to understand the requirements and format of each exam paper and begin to design your own questions.

Practice IB Psychology Past Papers


Past Paper 1 Example #1: Saint Maur Mock Exam Februray 2012)


Past Paper 2 Example #1: (Saint Maur Mock Exam Feb 2012)


You can see others on the Example Answers page.

Have you written a good exam question? Post it in the questions section.

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