MUST READ: IB Psych IAs are now marked differently

Travis DixonAssessment (IB)

Read about a major change in the marking of IB Psych IAs.

The first rule of IB examining is don’t talk about IB examining. I have broken this rule before by sharing valuable information with everyone (on the IB platform) and was kicked off marking. Watch video.

I’ve waited patiently to see if the shocking change in the IB’s marking of IAs was reported in this year’s subject reports. It was so let me share it here.

In the last two years, students have been able to use an “effect” as their background theory or model in the IA. This year in May 2021, however, effects were not considered background theories or models. This includes things like the Stroop effect, misinformation effect, anchoring effect, etc. Also not accepted are biases, such as confirmation bias.

A friendly request to the IB assessment team: Can you please announce these changes before they take effect? It is unfair to penalise students for following advice that was previously valid. If you are going to make these drastic changes to the way assessments are marked, simply announce it 12 months earlier. Thanks.

I have always encouraged students to use theories or models to explain effects and biases as it makes for better explanations, anyway. This just solidifies the need for specific models and theories to be used in the IA.

From the May 2021 subject report, available for teachers on MyIB (and for students probably on some subreddit or tiktok stream somewhere).

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