Health Project Week 1
Week 1 Instructions - Control Condition

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Week 1s task is mainly about collecting data on health habits and their effects.

Week 1 is focused mainly on gathering a range of data on health habits (sleep, diet, exercise) and their psychological effects. The big job for students is to figure out what they’re going to measure and how. 

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Teachers: Feel free to adapt or amend any of this work in any way you like.

Week 1: Control Condition

By the end of this week, you need to have completed the following:


  • Read this summary of a study that investigates the link between sleep and happiness
  • Write a summary of the conclusions of this study in your words. 
  • Evaluate the study by explaining some of the limitations of this study. 
  • HL Extension: Complete the practice Paper 3 questions that are at the bottom of the above blog post on sleep and happiness. 

Data Collection

  • Choose what health habits you want to study. Make a list of at least 3 habits you think might be affecting your health (see table below for examples). 
      • You must study at least one habit from each general category (sleep, diet, exercise). 
  • Create a data collection table. You are going to collect daily data on your own behaviour. 
  • Choose what your dependent variable is going to be (see below for examples).
  • Create a second data collection table for your dependant variable. You could create your own general health and well-being questionnaire that covers multiple variables and gives you an overall score.
  • Collect data every day for a minimum of 5 days this week.
Example Independent Variables Related to Health Habits Example Dependent Variables Related to Psychological Effects of Habits
Sleep (e.g. sleep/wake routine, average duration, sleep quality)Diet/Nutrition (e.g. servings of vegetables per day, grams of sugar per day, number of snacks, amount of coffee, etc.) 

Exercise (e.g. mins per day exercising, number of steps in a day, )

Other (e.g. yoga, mindfulness)

Tech (e.g. Time on social media, Time on phone, Screen time total, Time on Netflix, time on specific apps).

  • Sleep Example #1 (sleep quality, needs adapting).

See Mr Dixon’s examples below.

Download a copy of the student workbook online health project

Teachers: Feel free to adapt or amend any of this work in any way you like.

Mr Dixon’s Data Collection Tables

First I made a plan of what I was going to measure:

Then I created the table:

I’m worried about my own screen time at the moment and I find it easier to remember to do this if it sits on my desk, so I am collecting my data by hand.


Or you could create them digitally.