Exam Review Tip: How to create hard copy flash cards using quizlet

Travis DixonRevision and Exam Preparation

Digital flashcards are fine but if you're like me you'll want something you can hold in your hand. Thankfully, Quizlet makes it easy to have both.
Did you know you can use quizlet to create print flashcards? I just learned this now.
Here’s how to do it…
  1. Create your study list on quizlet

  2. Open the study set and hit the “Print” buttonScreen Shot 2019-01-15 at 6.40.14.png

  3. Choose your lay-out (I recommend large and double-sided printing) and it “Open PDF” Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 6.30.15

  4. You’re now ready to print, paste and cut. Here’s a printing tip from Quizlet: Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 6.32.43.png

  5. You’ll end up with something that looks like this…. (download here).Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 6.31.38

I hope this helps your revision. Good luck!