Paper 1 Review Activity

Travis DixonRevision and Exam Preparation

I have found revision to be most effective when it's structured, consistent and student-centered.

The review document linked below could be used at many different times in the course. I have just had my first lesson in Year 2 of my course and so I used it to review what we’ve done in Year 1.

Download the Paper 1 Review Documents HERE!

Group Review Idea

I created mixed groups of 3 students and passed out one approach at a time. For five minutes, students worked together (without notes or textbooks) and wrote down what they could remember from the first year. Then we took a couple of minutes to share, ask questions and recap quickly what we’d covered. After one approach was finished, we moved on to the next one.

At the end of the activity I had students write their group members’ names on the papers and stapled them together to use later.

Exam Review Idea

These documents could also be used for students in their exam review. It could be a formative assessment task or even an extended homework assignment where they are required to write down a summary of the relevant content for each topic.

I will include files like these in a digital resource pack that will come with the student revision guide. If you’ve got any good ideas on how to use these review docs, please share.