Help us, we’re drowning!

Travis DixonTeaching Ideas, Themantics

Ever feel like you and your students are drowning in IB Psychology? The video in this post will help.

There’s a lot of content in the IB Psychology course and if your not careful, this can have a negative impact on student understanding and the development of their critical thinking skills.

I’ve written about this extensively, but as I’m playing around with screencasting and making video tutorials, I thought with the help of visual aids I’d try explaining how we can avoid the drowning sensation in IB Psychology.

So when you’ve got a spare ten minutes, grab a cuppa and have a sit and watch as I explain how you can plan a course that cuts content, increases understanding and develops critical thinking skills.

If you’re even remotely interested about the thematic/themantic approach to IB Psychology, watch this and see what you think.

How to reduce content and increase understanding…

[wpvideo 4SjOAfWb]

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