Teacher Support Pack Quantitative Research Methods

Travis DixonThemantics

Download a free preview of our teacher support pack for teaching quantitative research methods.

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This unit takes about 20 lessons and will help prepare your students for:

  • The IA
  • Paper 1 and 2
  • HL: Paper 3

This is a great unit to teach right before your students try the IA and after they have had some time to learn about psychological studies. It works well after Criminology and Social Influence for those following the themantic approach.

It covers:

  1. Experimental methods (true, field, quasi, natural)
  2. Case studies
  3. Correlational studies
  4. Techniques to study the brain
  5. Sampling methods
  6. Ethical considerations
  7. Evaluating studies

This support pack will be emailed in a zipped file for download. This will include:

  • Unit plan
  • Lesson plans
  • Student workbook
  • Teacher edition workbook
  • Powerpoints
  • Example exam answers
  • Exam tips
  • Tests and quizzes (with teacher’s answers)
  • Project ideas
  • Fully editable PDF and Word document files for ease of editing

For just $30, you can save about 50 hours worth of planning.


While this unit will work best with our textbook, the materials in this pack can be useful for any IB Psychology teacher, regardless of your approach or the textbook you are using.


*A school license allows you to share this with students enrolled in your school. It can be made available through internal digital mediums (e.g. moodles or wikis) but cannot be published on publicly available sites. This license is for one school. If one organization has multiple schools, one license per school must be purchased.