Student Workbook (First Draft): Introduction to Psychology Unit

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This student workbook is designed to go with the unit plan and powerpoint for Chapter 1 in IB Psychology: A Student's Guide.

I began for the first time last year trialing and creating student workbooks for each of my units. The feedback from students was positive, so I’m in the process of making workbooks that accompany all my units available for teachers.

What I like about hard copy workbooks for students is that all their notes and key information is in the one place. They can still tear it up into individual worksheets and pages later on as they organize their folders if they want to. The students I’ve found that benefit the most are those that struggle to keep themselves organized.

Here I’ve attached my workbook that I will give my students for our first introductory unit (which starts Monday). This workbook accompanies the content in Chapter One of IB Psychology: A Student’s Guide. 

You can download the workbook HERE!!!

Note: this is the pre-designed version. Kim (our amazing graphic designer) is in the process of making this look far more professional and engaging for students. I will post that edition as soon as it’s finished; I just wanted to release this asap for teachers who are starting already.

If you make your own workbook versions, you can send them to me and I can post them on the blog for others to see and use (giving you credit of course), and/or you can post them to our facebook group. I’m sure other teachers would be really grateful.

As always, I value feedback. If you see any errors and/or if you see ways this could be improved, please leave a comment. Similarly, if this is a helpful resource it’s good for me know (as that keeps me motivated to keep making them 🙂 )