Lesson Idea: Introduction to Psychology JEOPARDY

Travis DixonRevision and Exam Preparation

Like all my favourite activities, this one has me on the sidelines while the kids are up to their ears in learning and revising.

The content of this jeopardy is based on Chapter One of “IB Psychology: A Student’s Guide”

At the end of a unit or after a few topics where there’s lots of content to review, I LOVE making a Jeopardy game for students to play in small groups. In my experience jeopardylabs has the easiest and most effective software to use.

Here’s my Introduction to Psychology jeopardy that I will give students about 15 to 20 minutes to play at the end of our introductory lesson, on the lesson before their test. I used to play host while doing this as a whole class, but I found there was too little engagement for too many students. I now have them in carefully assigned pairs or threes. This means that they are more engaged as they have an opportunity to answer more questions.

I’ll also be making a kahoot, which I’ll also post on our facebook group.

A good fast finisher task on this is to get them to play again, this time with the goal of getting 100% correct. If the questions are written effectively (which I hope mine are) this can also be a fun self-study activity.

I don’t like the jeopardy format where they give the answers and students come up with questions, so I just write it the opposite (answers in the question space and vice-versa) so students see the questions and then they get the answers.

Important note for teachers:  after you click on the link to my jeopardy you will see an “Edit” button. You will see that you have an option to make a “clone” of this jeopardy. This will allow you to make your own version of mine so you can adjust my questions and answers.

This is a great feature as you can tweak without re-inventing the wheel.

You will probably want to change my “General” for 500 points question, as it’s “What’s the name of Mr Dixon’s son?” 

I’m always trying to improve my resources, so if you see any mistakes in my jeopardy please let me know. And/or if you make an improved version, please feel free to leave a link in the comments.