IB Psychology – Grade Boundaries New Curriculum (Feb 2019)

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I've created these grade boundaries for IB Psychology to use with my own classes and thought I'd share them in case they're helpful for you.

Are you wondering what you need to do to get a 7 in IB Psychology? It’s a bit tough to say exactly because as of now (February 2019) we have not had any exams for this new curriculum. But as I’m marking my students’ mock exams I have also created the grade boundaries that I will use for IB Psychology until the IB releases theirs. 

The following tables are what I’m using to convert my own students marks in IB Psychology. As our marks are recorded in letter grades I’m including this category, too.

A note for teachers: Before using these for your own students, you might want to try giving a few test runs first. For example, add up what you think a 4 or a C should be worth using a Paper 1 essay rubric and see if it matches with my boundaries.

You can download these boundaries here…

Scroll to the bottom to find the Official IB Psychology Grade Boundaries

Mr Dixon’s IB Psychology Grade Boundaries – New Curriculum*

Total Overall Score

% IB Score Letter Grade
70-100 7 A+
58-69 6 A
46-57 5 B / B+ (≥52)
34-45 4 C / C+ (≥40)
24-33 3 D / D+ (≥28)
16-23 2 F
8-15 1


0-7 0 F
These boundaries use the old curriculum boundaries as a guide.

Paper One


Score /49 IB Score Letter Grade
36-49 7 A+
30-35 6 A
25-29 5 B / B+ (≥28)
20-24 4 C / C+ (≥23)
14-19 3 D / D+ (≥17)
9-14 2 F
0-8 1 F
These boundaries use the old curriculum boundaries as a guide.

Paper Two Only for SL

Paper 2 Standard Level

/22 (SL)

IB Score

Letter Grade

18-22 7 A+
15-17 6 A
11-14 5 B / B+ (≥13)
8-10 4 C / C+ (10)
6-7 3 D / D+ (7)
4-5 2 F
0-4 1 F

Paper Two Only for HL

Paper 2 HL

Score /44 (HL)

IB Score

Letter Grade

34-44 7 A+
29-33 6 A
22-28 5 B / B+ (≥26)
15-21 4 C / C+ (≥19)
11-14 3 D / D+ (≥13)
9-10 2 F
0-7 1 F

Paper Three (HL Only)

While the above boundaries are using the old curriculum as a guide, I will point out that my Paper 3 boundaries are purely my own invention. This is because the nature of Paper 3 is now very different to how it was in the old curriculum. As of now, this is what I’d expect from my students. You will see the boundaries appear harder, but this is because I think Paper 3 is a lot easier than other papers (especially Question 1a-c).

Paper 3 (HL Only)

Score /24 (HL)

IB Score

Letter Grade

20-24 7 A+
17-19 6 A
14-16 5 B / B+ (17)
11-13 4 C / C+ (13-14)
8-10 3 D / D+ (10)
5-7 2 F
0-4 1 F

Internal Assessment

Internal Assessment
/22 (SL) IB Score Letter Grade
19-22 7 A+
17-18 6 A
13-16 5 B / B+ (≥15)
9-12 4 C / C+ (≥11)
5-8 3 D / D+ (≥7)
3-4 2 F
0-2 1 F

Have any questions or problems? Please leave a note in the comments.

IB Official Grade Boundaries: May 2019


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  1. Dear Travis

    Do you use any modified grade boundaries for reporting internally for Term/Semester grades in Year 12?
    As the actual grade boundaries reflect student preparation for the complete syllabus our school is contemplating some modified versions.

    Please share your views and experience of the same.


    1. Post

      Hi Aradhana,
      That’s a great question and something that needs considering. I don’t change the grade boundaries, but what I change is the nature of the assessment tasks and a little bit I change how strictly I mark (especially in the critical thinking components).

      For example, in summative assessments in year one the students will write essays one a question but there will only be four possible questions (not >40 like in the real exam), so in this sense it’s much, much easier but the grade using these boundaries would still reflect their level of achievement (and their projected level of achievement if they keep working at that level).

      Hope this helps and makes sense

  2. Dear Travis,

    I am new to the IB curriculum and am still working my way around the assessment. I was reading the assessment document on the IB website and there is the concept of scaled scores. The scores which you have given in the tables, are not scaled right? When do we use the scaled marks?

    1. Post

      I think that’s just when they are combining the scores across the three scores to get a total mark. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

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