Teaching Tip: How to access the IB Psychology discussion forum

Travis DixonCurriculum, Teaching Ideas

Now that the OCC forum has closed down, the discussion forum moderated by Peter Giddens and read by the IB Psychology curriculum people has been moved to a new location. This post will help you find it.

Step 1: Login

Go to the login page for MyIB here. You will get to a page that looks like this one below. If you have not registered with MyIB, speak with your IB Co-ordinator (or try going here) – you will be able to fill out all the details and then a confirmation will be sent to your co-ordinator).

Access MyIB Forum 1

Step 2: Find “Programme Communities”

After logging in with your details, you will go to the home page for MyIB. You will see a series of blue buttons. Click on the button that says “Programme Communities.” See the image below. If you don’t have this button, speak with your co-ordinator. And don’t worry if you don’t have the same buttons as me, as they vary depending on your role.

Access MyIB Forum 2.jpg

Step 3: Follow the buttons…

Click on the DP Programme, and then go to “Individuals and Societies” and then you should be able to see the Psychology button.

Access MyIB Forum 3

Access MyIB Forum 4

Access MY IB Forum 5

Step 4: Get Involved!

Now you’re in the forum, you can start a new discussion and post a question, get an idea out there or even just vent a little bit.

Access MyIB Forum 6

Step 5: Don’t miss a post by following the forum…

I changed my settings so that I should be able to get an email notification when a new post is made, but that doesn’t seem to be the case yet. I strongly recommend bookmarking this page so that you can find it again easily next time.

Access MyIB Forum 7

If you have any questions about the new guide, big or small, you can use this forum as well as our Facebook group to post questions. It is good to know that the curriculum managers for the subjects read these forums, so that your ideas are being read, even if they’re not allowed to respond to questions.

It is through posting to the IB forum that I was approached about contributing to the TSM material for the new guide and encouraged to become a WSL. If you want to be involved in the IB organization and have your voice heard, I strongly recommend you stay engaged in the MyIB forum.