Sample SAQs: Memory Reliability

Travis DixonAssessment (IB), Cognitive Psychology, Revision and Exam Preparation

Comparing example exam answers is an effective way for students to see what makes a strong SAR.

Here are two versions of the same sample answer from this year’s (May, 2017) IB Psychology exam.

The question was:

Describe one study investigating memory reliability.

The annotated short answer response (SAQ) shows you the answer, plus my comments as to why I think this is a mediocre response.

Then we have this second excellent annotated example SAQ, which does a better job of demonstrating knowledge and understanding and my comments along the side why I think it’s a good answer.

Unfortunately, I think in this case the IB has asked the wrong question. Taku’s answer (#1) actually does a far better job of answering the question. The problem is, in my view, the question is wrong. The question should have asked for students to show their understanding of how the study investigated memory reliability.

Here is a blank copy of Taku’s answer and a blank copy of Min’s answer. You can use this to compare without my comments and see which one you think is better.