Observation Considerations (Activity Idea)(HL)

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What you need to know…

In order to complete this activity you need know about considerations involved in observation research. You can read more about those considerations here.

It is important for Paper 3 answers that you can apply your knowledge to examples of research. This is a difficult critical thinking skill and is what separates good answers from excellent ones.

What you need to do…

  1. Choose one of the research studies from the list below.
  2. Make a list of the factors that the researchers would have to consider.
  3. Explain how and/or why they would have to consider one of these factors.
    1. Get feedback on your explanation. 

Choose one of the research studies below that has the aim to see how…


  • …immigrant children interact with children who are from the host country.
  • …professional athletes cope with the pressures of the media.
  • …artists from different fields (e.g. music, film, painting, writing,) create their work.
  • …recovering drug addicts behave when they are in environments with available drugs.
  • …new inmates are treated in a prison by other prisoners.  



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