Lesson Idea: Origins of Conflict

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Your Task There are five resources below that you will need to complete this task. Working with your group, it’s a race to see who can answer this question first: All of these conflicts started for the same reason. What is that reason? Source 1: The “Beaver Wars” (Warpaths2peacepipes) This article summarizes a conflict in North America in the late …

Lesson Idea: Acculturation Strategies

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This activity is designed to help students understant Berry’s four different acculturation strategies. Read the summaries below of how these immigrants have adjusted to life in their new culture. What strategy have they used? Assimilation, integration, separation or marginalization? Read about the four different strategies in this post. Monica – Is a 16 year old Egyptian girl who moved to …

What is “acculturation?”

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Acculturation is the process of interacting with a new culture and adjust to life in that new culture. How we acculturate can affect our behaviour, including our mental health. In IB Psychology, we’re required to study how this process of interacting with new culture can affect our behaviour. For this reason, when you see the term “acculturation” it might be …

How do we “explain enculturation”?

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The new enculturation topic can be confusing and tricky. I think it’s by far one of the hardest topics to write about in IB Psychology. Hopefully this post will provide a bit of help to go along with the explanations in IB Psychology: A Students Guide. What do you need to know? What is enculturation? What influences enculturation? How can enculturation …

Quizlets: Enculturation and Acculturation

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The following Quizlets will help students revise key terms and studies for the enculturation and acculturation topics covered in IB Psychology: A Student’s Guide.  Enculturation/Acculturation Key Terms Quizlet (Link) Enculturation/Acculturation Key Studies Quizlet (Link) A link to these have been included in the unit plan in the Social Influence Teacher Support Pack (Part I).

What is “enculturation?”

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One of the changes in the new IB Psychology course is the addition of two new concepts in the socio-cultural approach to understanding human behaviour: Enculturation And… Acculturation In this short post I’ll briefly outline the concept of enculturation and provide some general guidance as to how it can be taught in the course. What is enculturation? To quote the …

Tip for Cutting Content #3: Identities, Attitudes and Behaviours

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Seeing as my last post about dealing with the cognitive extensions seemed to help, I thought I’d share this one. For some reason that I’m not too sure of, the new guide has got a trifecta of effects of cultural influences in the third topic: identities, attitudes and behaviours. On the surface this appears to be somewhat of a problem. …

Key Studies: Minimal Group Paradigm (SIT – Tajfel et al)

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Background Information Social Identity Theory (read more here) is a theory that attempts to explain inter-group behaviour, and in particular inter-group conflict, discrimination and prejudice. The theory basically explains how four key processes (social comparison, social identity, social categorization and positive distinctiveness) can influence inter-group behaviour. The theory can be used to explain how group conflict may occur, even when there …

Emic and Etic Concepts: An Introduction

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GLT: Using one or more examples, explain “emic” and “etic” concepts.  Emic Concepts: Accounts, descriptions and explanations used to understand culturally specific behaviours. READ MORE: Key studies and emic concepts in THIS BLOG POST Etic Concepts: An explanation used to understand a culture in scientific terms by comparing the culture to others and addressing the universals of human behaviour. Levine’s …