How to get free stuff with our new rewards programme

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Looking for FREE IB Psychology resources? Follow the steps below or watch the video here.

(1)Go to our online store and click the ‘Rewards Program’ button in the bottom right of the screen.

(2) If you already have an account on our online store click the ‘Sign in here’ link, otherwise you’ll need to create an account on our online store, which you can do by clicking the ‘Join now!’ button.

(3) Once you’re signed in to our online store click the ‘Rewards Program’ button again. You should be signed in to our rewards program app, too. You know you’re signed in if you see your balance in the top right of the app.

(4) To get rewards you need to earn points. There are several ways you can earn points and referring someone to our online store (who then goes on to place an order) is probably the most profitable. To refer someone you just need to share with them your referral link and make sure they use your link to access our online store. To get your referral link scroll to the bottom of the app and click the ‘copy’ button. After the order has been processed you’ll be rewarded with 300 points and the referee will be rewarded with a $5 discount if they’re a new customer. You can share your referral link as often as you like; there’s no limit.

(5) The cheapest reward on offer in our rewards program is a $5 discount costing 500 points. To exchange 500 points for a $5 discount click the ‘see 2 more reward(s)’ button.

(6) Click the right arrow button on the $5 discount reward. Right arrow buttons appear on each reward you’re entitled to based on your points balance.

(7) The resulting discount code must be entered during the placing of your next order; it won’t be automatically applied. You can only enter one discount code when placing an order so you might want to save up your points and exchange 2500 points for a $25 discount, for example. Rewards don’t have a time limit and can be accessed at any time by clicking the ‘My rewards’ button.

(8) There are several ways you can earn points; referring someone to our online store isn’t the only method. Click the ‘Earn more’ button.

(9) The ‘How to earn’ page shows other ways you can earn points. You can earn points by sharing and liking us on Facebook; make sure you share and like us via the app, otherwise you won’t receive the points. You will also earn points from all future orders – one point for each dollar spent.

Thanks for helping us continue to make content that helps make a difference!