Broken Video Links – Replacement videos for IB Psychology A Student’s Guide TSPs.

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Sometimes YouTube videos linked in our support packs are removed. We try to find new links and put them here.

Download every chapter as a sharable PDF so you and your students can have online access to the textbook.

This post is designed to help teachers find replacement videos when those in the TSPs for “IB Psychology: A Student’s Guide” are removed. This is also a Facebook thread in our IB Psychology Teacher’s Group but that post can be difficult to manage. Organizing them here I hope will be more helpful. 

1: Introduction

2: Criminology

  • 2.2b: BBC Documentary: How you really make decisions. 0-9 mins is about the dual processing model. (Link).
  • 2.3a: BBC Documentary: Emotions – A Secret History. 45.02-57.00 shows a guy doing the Iowa gambling task (Link).
  • 2.3b: “Lights Out” (Link)

3: Social Influence

  • 3.1: Old conformity studies (Link)
  • 3.4a: Social identity theory – Football hooligans fan fight (England v Russia) (4 mins – link) or Leeds vs Milwall (Link) or Sydney/Adelaide (Link) or Trump supporters vs Antifa (Link).
  • 3.6b: SIT: The blue eyes brain eyes experiment (Link).
  • 3.6eSIT: The Brain with David Eagleman – The Massacre of Srebrenica (3 mins, link).

I have been able to source the full documentary series of “The Brain with David Eagleman” online, but it’s rather sketchy websites (e.g. Putlocker) that I would only advise perusing at your own risk (due to malware and their copyright infringements).

  • 3.8: Reconstructive Memory: CBS interview with Ronald Cotton and Jennifer Thompson (Part 1 and Part 2).


  • 4.1b: Where memories are stored – a stand-up comedy clip by Irish comedian Jimeoin (Link).
  • 4.3a: Fear conditioning – the first 13 mins of this BBC Documentary – A Secret History – covers Baby Albert (Link).
  • 4.6b: The drug trial that went wrong (Link).
  • If you notice a broken link please post to our Teacher’s Group or add a comment.
  • One reason I’m working on getting better at making my own YouTube content is so we can avoid this issue in the future.

5: Love and Marriage

  • 5.1c: Face preference studies: This is not the same clip as originally used, but it’s about symmetrical faces and attraction (Link).
  • BBC Human Instinct – Deepest Desires: The full documentary can be found on Daily Motion (Link).

6: Quantitative Methods

  • 6.1c: Field experiment on gender and sexual preferences – from 3:10-6:50 (Link), or this one (Link).

7: Internal Assessment


8: HL Extensions

Bio Extension Animal Models

  • 8.1i Animal models of neuroplasticity: This clip (8 mins) from the PBS documentary “Memory Hackers” explains Kandel’s research (link – from 13:42 to 21:40) (Full video Link).

9: Qualitative Methods