“IB Psychology: A Revision Guide” Book Now Shipping!

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Our second book, "IB Psychology: A Revision Guide" is now fully printed and boxed up ready to ship in time for the May 2019 exams. Delivery takes 2-4 weeks, so get in quick to make sure you get yours in time.

I’m so pleased to announce that our second textbook, IB Psychology: A Revision Guide (AVAILABLE HERE!), is now shipping and our first pre-orderers can expect their copies in the mail any day now, if they haven’t already got them. This book takes all the content from our first textbook (A Student’s Guide – hereand condenses it into 180 pages.

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The book has everything you need for the big exams.

Here are a few features of the text:

  • Full colour
  • Writable paper
  • Every topic/content has:
    • Key study summaries
    • Key questions to use as learning outcomes
    • Exam tips
    • Critical thinking guidance
    • Two pages – page 1 is for SAQs and page 2 for essays (for core approach topics/content)
  • QR codes that link to video explanations and blog posts


We’ll be releasing an extended preview very soon.  For now the books are ready and waiting!

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Feel free to post questions in the comments.