Free flashcard maker

Travis DixonRevision and Exam Preparation

Flashcards are an excellent way to revise key terms, studies, theories and concepts for your tests and exams.

When it comes to revising for tests and exams, it’s hard to go past flashcards as an excellent way to review. While digital versions, such as quizlet, have their benefits, I personally have always preferred to have hard-copies in my hands.

But who has the time to spend hours and hours writing out flashcards? What if you’ve got messy handwriting? Earlier this week I came across this excellent Free Flashcard Maker.


You can download a sample flashcard set HERE.


Get together with a friend, or a few friends, and agree on a list of terms, studies, theories or concepts you want to revise and then divide the workload so you each make a set of flashcards and then share them. This could save you lots of time.

Although, one of the best study methods is actually in the process of making these kinds of study tools, so you’d probably remember more if you took the time to make them yourself.