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Our youtube channel will help students and teachers tackle the IB Psychology monster, as well as having general teaching and studying tips to help with all aspects of school.

I have to apologize for being a bit slow on blog posts these days – I’ve been busy getting Grade 12s ready for upcoming exams. But I’ve also been busy with our brand new youtube channel. I love creating materials that make life a little easier for teachers and students, so it’s great now I can make video tutorials that explain everything you need to know for IB Psychology.

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If you’ve got requests for videos, please feel free to post them. I’m hoping to add a few new videos each week, as well as embedding them into the relevant blog posts we already have.

New Videos:

  • How cultural factors affect cognition (Link)
  • Understanding the new IB Psychology rubric (Link)
  • How to write Paper 3 Answers (old syllabus) (Link)
  • Biology, cognition and emotion (Link)

And heaps more…

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With the blog now hitting over 30,000 views/month, our Facebook groups growing and more teachers and students coming over to the themantic way of doing things, our youtube channel should be one more way we can help with the IB Psychology course.