Schema Theory Teaching Resources

Travis DixonCognitive Psychology

This post includes the Powerpoints, lesson plans, activities and the workbook for the first topic in Social Influence Part II: Schema Theory (3.7).

The first topic in Social Influence Part II (support pack coming soon) is Schema Theory. This topic comes after learning about SIT and the out-group homogeneity effect as the latter is closely related to schema theory, an both topics deal with stereotypes.

  • Here’s the first pages of the student workbook for the Schema Theory Topic (Download).
  • Here’s the Powerpoint file that has all the slides for the four lessons in the Schema Theory topic (Download).
  • Here’s the unit plan overview with lesson plans for Schema Theory, as well as activity hand-outs for the experiment replications (Download).
  • Here’s a Social Influence Crossword Puzzle that covers 3.7-3.11 (Download).

Since this topic can be taught anywhere in the course and Xmas is a busy time, I thought it might be helpful for some people to have a week free from planning 🙂