Love and Marriage Support Pack is Now Available

Travis DixonHuman Relationships, Love and Marriage, Teaching Ideas, Themantics

Our support packs will save you hours and hours of planning.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added another support pack to the store. Chapter 5 – Love and Marriage is now ready to roll.

Go to our store (link) and you’ll find our support packs

We’ve tried to make the resource better by implementing some feedback:

  • We’ve made them easier to edit so teachers can adapt them more easily
  • We’ve got two options: Basic and Premium
  • Despite all our feedback saying our Criminology pack was great value for money, we’ve made Love and Marriage cheaper! Basic $29.95 and Premium $39.95
  • There’s a Teacher Edition of the workbook that has answers to the guiding questions and activities, as well as tips
  • There is a handful of extension project-based ideas to allow students to explore the material independently and in more depth if desired
  • The resources have been professionally copy-edited, so there should be no Travis-Typos
  • And heaps more…

Quite honestly, I’ve been really blown away by how popular the Criminology pack was and also how positive the feedback’s been. I wasn’t expecting to be putting so much time into these resources, but since teachers are really keen on them I’ll try to get them out ASAP.