Love and Marriage Support Pack is Now Available

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Our support packs will save you hours and hours of planning.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added another support pack to the store. Chapter 5 – Love and Marriage is now ready to roll.

Go to our store (link) and you’ll find our support packs

We’ve tried to make the resource better by implementing some feedback:

  • We’ve made them easier to edit so teachers can adapt them more easily
  • We’ve got two options: Basic and Premium
  • Despite all our feedback saying our Criminology pack was great value for money, we’ve made Love and Marriage cheaper! Basic $29.95 and Premium $39.95
  • There’s a Teacher Edition of the workbook that has answers to the guiding questions and activities, as well as tips
  • There is a handful of extension project-based ideas to allow students to explore the material independently and in more depth if desired
  • The resources have been professionally copy-edited, so there should be no Travis-Typos
  • And heaps more…

Quite honestly, I’ve been really blown away by how popular the Criminology pack was and also how positive the feedback’s been. I wasn’t expecting to be putting so much time into these resources, but since teachers are really keen on them I’ll try to get them out ASAP.

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  1. Hello, I teach IB Psych in french but I am consulting your resources because they offer a great deal of help. At the moment I am teaching my extension topic – Love & Marriage. However, some of the QR codes in the Student workbook do not seem to be working. Notably, 5.2 – Pheremones and Behavior video – The science of attraction.

    I would like to show it to my students, however, the link does not work (QR code) and I am not sure which Youtube video to select.

    If you could share with me the appropriate link that would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,


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