Working Memory Games

Travis DixonCognitive Psychology, Teaching Ideas

Working memory as a construct will be abstract and difficult to comprehend at first, so playing some working memory games can make it seem a little more concrete.

Before diving in to the study of Baddeley and Hitch’s working memory model, it’s important that you first comprehend what “working memory” is. I’ve found that playing some of these games is a fun way to comprehend the concept of working memory and it will make your it easier to understand your teacher’s explanations of things like the central executive, phonological loop, and visuospatial sketchpad.

  • Burger Builder: Visuospatial Working Memory  (Link) (Play the HTML version – not Flash)

  • Digit Span Test (Link)

  • Visual Spatial Test (Link)

  • Verbal Memory Test (Link)

  • Visual Memory Test (Link)

  • Number Memory Test (Link)

  • N-back Task (Link)

Do you have any other good working memory games? Leave a note in the comments if you do.