Criminology Support Pack: Now Available

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You can get your full teacher support pack HERE!

This pack for Criminology contains:

  • Complete unit plan with learning outcomes, key terms and lesson overviews
  • 9 x topic plans with learning outcomes
  • 25 x individual lesson plans following our C.H.A.C.E.R framework
  • 10 x individual activity handouts
  • Links to complete online resources such as quizlets, kahoots and jeopardies
  • A 60 page student workbook that is designed to accompany every lesson
  • An assessment workbook for guidance on completing suggested assessments
    • An example short answer response (SAR) with examiner-style commentaries
    • An example essay response with examiner-style commentaries
    • SAR and essay writing tips
    • ThemEd’s user-friendly rubric for SARs and essays
  • A complete powerpoint (190+ slides) to go with every lesson

For $49.95 you get a lifetime license to use these materials in your classrooms.

Criminology Pack

You can download these resources today from our store,

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  1. Hi I’m really liking your resources. Thank you so much for them! I just noticed at the bottom of the slides about Phineas Gage and the VHIS study (Slide 14 and 24 on criminology 2.1 brain and behaviour) you give your answer to the guiding question as ‘Because the male/female preferences were consistent across cultures it means that cultural factors weren’t influential, so it is more likely an underlying biological drive that results in these preferences.’ This statement sounds more relevant to the relationships topic. Could you possibly explain this answer further?

    Is it that for PG his case study shows that because his behaviour changed in directly after the accident then we can start to draw an association and for the VHIS study because they used a control group of normal participants to compare to?

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Emma, I’m sorry, that’s a simple copy-paste error. I must have used the same slide templates as I did for the Love and Marriage question – that answer is explaining the study by Buss, so completely irrelevant for this topic. I will update the slides for future editions. My apologies. Thanks.

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