Quizlet: Love and Marriage Review (Chapter 5)

Travis DixonLove and Marriage, Revision and Exam Preparation

This quizlet class set is an easy way to review key details from Unit/Chapter 5: Love and Marriage.

Along with other fun review activities like Jeopardies and Kahoots, making Quizlet class sets is a quick and easy way to build a resource that students can use to study with, either in class or in their own time.

Love and Marriage Quizlet: Chapter Five Review – Available HERE!

If your students enjoy Kahoots, they might also like quizlet-live, which is a team game version of quizlet. Honestly, I’ve never tried it but thanks to Greg Patrick’s recommendation I’m going to give it a crack.

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I really like the Love and Marriage unit, because while it’s short (only 15 content lessons), it has heaps of material for Human Relationships, as well as biological and socio-cultural topics as a bonus. It’s also just an inherently interesting and relevant topic!

Feel free to amend, adapt and develop this resource.