Lesson Idea: Review Intro to Psych w/ KAHOOT

Travis DixonUncategorized

Kahoot's a fun way to recap, revise and even learn key terms and concepts.

I love Kahoot, as most teachers do. It’s a great way to review “knowledge,” especially key terms.

One of the features I like about Kahoot is that it actually lets you gather some good formative data. If you make sure students use real names (or some other identification so that you know who is who), you can save the results as a spreadsheet at the end of the game. I’ve found this to be helpful in seeing general patterns with individual students, as well as having a record of whole class knowledge of key terms and concepts, so I can remember to review as a whole class later on.

You can find my Kahoot for the intro unit here!

(I hope!)

Feel free to copy and then adapt as you wish. If you make it better (or make your own), please do share with the rest of us 🙂