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How to download the new course guide…

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Since it’s a common question, I thought I’d explain the steps to downloading the new course guide. I would publish it here, but that would be a copyright infringement. I will ask permission from IB if I can publish it, but for now it’s best to navigate through the new site for yourself.

Step One: Log in to OCC and navigate to Psychology page

Step Two: Click on the globe icon to go to the subject website

Step Three: On the new subject website, you’ll see three big icons (“Guide”, “In Practice”, “Assessment”). You’ll notice that you can’t click on these, but if you look above these to the menu at the top, you’ll see the same words. Click on “Guide.”

Step Four: There should be a big yellow button that says “Download all.”


Let me know if this doesn’t work. I will add screen shots to this, as soon as I learn how to take screen shots on my computer 🙂

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  1. Feeling a bit useless, what is the OCC? I can’t see anywhere to log in on this page. Is this the right place for resources?

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