New Syllabus: Major Changes

Travis DixonUncategorized

Deep down we're still taking students on the same path through the world of psychology. (via bigstock)

The IB has published the new subject guide, teacher support material and specimen exam papers. You can find all this information on the OCC.

In my mind, here are the big changes:

  • Learning Outcomes removed (Read more…)
  • Options time reduced to 20 hours
  • SL and HL now do the same Internal Assessment
  • Paper 3 includes quantitative possibility
  • HL have extensions to the “core” (the three approaches). For instance, they have 10 hours to study animal research in bio-psych.


I’ll slowly be posting more updates and details about these changes over the coming months. See my post about the LO’s being removed for an example of what’s to come.