HM and his Hippocampus

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Here’s an example SAQ that explains HM’s Case Study.


You can find more information here…


Here’s a wonderfully melo-dramatic re-creation video that tells the story of HM from before his operation to the conclusions of the case study on HM:


HM Brain v Normal Brain

Here is a link to a website that you might find interesting. It is to do with the role of the hypothalamus, which we looked at with Herethington and Ranson’s study on rats (this is useful information in the course companion to cover when discussing ethical considerations related to studies at the biological level of analysis).

[youtube] [youtube]

Here’s a fascinating video with stories about neuroplasticity and the power of your brain.

[youtube] [youtube]


Here’s a video about Brenda Milner, the neuropsychologist who studied HM for years.