Identifying Sampling Methods

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What you need to know…

Here are four of the common sampling methods used in quantitative research. You need to know what these mean and the difference/s between them. You can read more about them on the quantitative methods page.

  • Opportunity:
  • Self-selected:
  • Random:
  • Stratified:

Your task…

Read the following summaries of how the researchers got their participants and identify which sampling method was used.

# A researcher is investigating Japanese citizen’s responses on pubic trains as someone collapses and needs help.

# In a study on what will happen when smoke fills a room while people are sitting in it, the researchers wanted to compare medical students and history students. They sent a google form in an email to all registered medical and history students asking for participants.

# While researching the amount people donate to charities, researchers stood on the sidewalk and asked participants who walked by if they wanted to participate.

# When studying homosexuality in identical twins, researchers posted an advertisement in a popular magazine for gay men asking for participants. Those who were interested responded to the advertisement.

# When studying the effects of a terrorist attack on London city dwellers, researchers used city council data to get the names and addresses of all London citizens. They used a random number generator to phone and ask for participants.

# When studying the effects of compliance techniques, researchers walked the streets of Los Angeles neighbourhoods an asked for volunteers to participate in their study by putting big signs saying “Drive Safely” in their front yards.

# In a study comparing London and Taxi bus drivers, the researchers wanted to compare the differences in their brains. So they asked the bus and taxi companies to ask their employees if they’d like to participate. Those that did want to participate were told to contact the researchers.

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