Lesson Idea: Understanding observational studies

Travis Dixon Qualitative Research Methods

Understanding how psychologists conduct observational studies is a key part to learning about research methodology. Observations are especially common in qualitative research. The following lesson is designed to get students to understand the different types of observation methods.  Activity Here are some very brief summaries of real studies that have been carried out using observational methods. Work with a partner …

Qualitative v Quantitative
What's the difference?

Travis Dixon Qualitative Research Methods

Psychologists seek to understand the human mind and behaviour. Traditionally, the most common way of doing this was through experimentation. This is because in the 20th century psychologists wanted to adopt a more scientific approach to understanding human cognition and behaviour. But it’s not the only way. In fact, it’s quite limited. In this post, we’ll look at the two …

Mass Shootings in the US: The Case of Charles Whitman

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When I was a high school student the Columbine Shooting in Colorada, USA made worldwide headlines. It was a terrible tragedy and one I could never imagine happening, or happening again. Sadly, incidents of mass shootings in the United States seem to be a regular occurrence. Why? Why have there been more deaths in the US by domestic gun violence in …