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Themantic Education’s menu of lessons is a flexible tool that allows you to use our 97 lessons as a database, incorporating separate lessons or sequences of lessons into your own curriculum

We believe in the powerful combination of structure and flexibility. That’s how Themantic TOK materials are designed.

  • On the one hand, you can take our materials and use it as a ready-made, fully developed course. Follow our sequence of lessons, use our lesson plans, activities and workbooks, and take your students through this whole pre-designed learning experience.
  • On the other hand, each lesson and unit are also designed to be relatively independent. This means that you can teach one Themantic unit in your otherwise non-Themantic course, or you can design your own sequence of lessons, or you can even teach separate lessons from various parts of the course, integrating them into your own TOK curriculum.

ThemEd’s TOK textbook for the new syllabus

We have designed a sequence of lessons that gradually takes students from zero to hero, but our course can also be easily taken apart and re-built into your own design.

This is why we have now published this MENU OF LESSONS. It’s a Google Slides presentation with one slide per lesson, summarising the key information about each lesson such as:

  • the areas of knowledge it links to,
  • the knowledge questions that are being discussed in connection to the Knowledge Framework,
  • the key concepts and
  • a short summary of the content.

Another good use for this tool is giving it to your students when they are working on their final TOK essays. The MENU OF LESSONS makes it easy for students to find lessons that are relevant to the areas of knowledge that they chose to focus on in the essay. They can get a quick overview of the key concepts, refresh their memory on what was discussed in class or do their own reading, and I believe this will really boost their essay-writing process.

Students are commonly confused by TOK essay titles and don’t know where to start – well, this is a perfect place to start!


Click here to access Themantic Education’s MENU OF LESSONS.

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