Love and Marriage Support Pack is Now Available

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We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added another support pack to the store. Chapter 5 – Love and Marriage is now ready to roll. Go to our store (link) and you’ll find our support packs We’ve tried to make the resource better by implementing some feedback: We’ve made them easier to edit so teachers can adapt them more easily We’ve …

Key Studies: Dopamine and Love (Fisher et al. 2005)
What happens in the brains of people in love?

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What happens in our brain when we see the person we love? Why do we fall in love and stay with one person? What is the relationship between love and dopamine? These are some of the questions Helen Fisher and her colleagues set about asking in their 2005 fMRI study, “Romantic Love: An fMRI Study of a Neural Mechanism for …

Key Studies: Darley and Latane – Bystanderism (1968)

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Darley and Latane hypothesized two factors that may influence bystanderism: Diffusion of responsibility Social influence Diffusion of Responsibility “Someone else will help.” This is one thought that might be a result of diffusion of responsibility. To diffuse means to spread something widely, so if there are more people around the responsibility of helping is spread amongst those people so individuals …