PowerPoint: Criminology (Preview)

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The criminology unit covers every topic (except pheromones) from the biological approach and is a really great way to get kids hooked into psychology from the beginning.

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This Powerpoint is designed to accompany the Criminology (Chapter 2) unit plan and the student workbook. I added some comments to the slides as well to hopefully make it easier to see how to use them. For those teachers using IB Psychology: A Student’s Guide, you will hopefully see how the structure of the text makes sharing resources so much easier. As always, feel free to amend or adapt as you wish.

We’re still on track to have the full package of resources available by Sunday, Sept. 17th: stay tuned.

You can download the powerpoint HERE!!!

Webinars Coming Soon

In the new year we’re going to work on releasing a series of webinars and short videos that will accompany these unit plans and resources. For example, I want to create  webinar/video that outlines the entire Criminology unit, including the main ideas behind each topic, why I chose the order and structure that I did and some tips that I think might be helpful. We’ll let you know when these are released.

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