Unit Plan: Criminology (Preview)

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The criminology unit covers every topic (except pheromones) from the biological approach and is a really great way to get kids hooked into psychology from the beginning.

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This is a preview of the full unit plan for Criminology (coming soon). The lesson-by-lesson plan follows our CHACER model.

This is the first time I’ve ever had a unit planned out in its entirety from the very first lesson. In the past I’ve always had skeletons of unit, topic and lesson plans, but they’ve never been fully complete. I’m really excited to start this Criminology unit knowing that everything is in the textbook as a back-up, the students have got a workbook with everything they need and I can open up my unit plan 5 minutes before a lesson and think: “What fun stuff did I plan for myself this lesson?”

The lesson plans are laid out in a pretty logical and easy-to-use manner, so you can cherry pick the ideas you like or you could follow it (like I do) step-by-step.

As always, I welcome feedback so please feel free to leave a comment.

You can download my Criminology Preview Unit Plan HERE!!

This unit plan is also designed to work alongside the student guide textbook and the student workbook for criminology.

Even if you’re not teaching Criminology, the topics will still be the same as those you will cover (e.g. Social Cogntive Theory, Thinking and Decision Making, Hormones, Neuroplasticity, Neurotransmission, etc.) so you might find that there are some activity ideas that you could still use in your course.

Topics covered from the syllabus in criminology…

Course Overview

You can see that you’re able to trial a thematic approach by starting with Criminology with zero risk. If you find you don’t like it (which I doubt), you can simply go back to whatever second unit you’d already teach, safe in the knowledge that you’ve covered the biological approach.

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