An Introduction to the Socio-cultural LOA

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During this unit you will investigate a range of social and cultural factors that influence behaviour.

During the BLA the focus is on biological factors and their relationships with behaviour and mental processes. In the CLA the focus is on cognition, i.e. mental processes and how these are influenced by biological factors and vice-versa.

In the Socio-cultural LOA (SCLOA) the focus is on social factors and their influence on behaviour and mental processes.

Humans are naturally social animals and so numerous social factors can influence our behaviour and our mental processes.

Here are the Learning Outcomes (i.e. exam questions) for this unit. As you can see from this document, the IB does not allow us anywhere near enough time to explore these learning outcomes in detail, so I will endeavour to add extra information and links to other resources on the blog so you can explore these in your own time.


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