Introduction to Cognition and Physiology

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This article is simply for anyone who is interested in reading about how sleep may influence learning and vice-versa.

Maguire’s study is also important.

HM’s Case Study and Alzheimer’s:

HM’s case study results can show that the hippocampus serves an integral function in producing new long term memories. During the Alzheimer’s unit in the cognitive level of analysis, we will look at how Alzheimer’s disease kills neurons in the brain, beginning in the hippocampus where the highest concentration of acetylcholine neurotransmitters can be found. Without these neurons and the acetylcholine firing, it is impossible for form new memories. This demonstrates the interaction between cognition (memory) and physiology (the hippocampus).


Important Note: This GLT asks you to evaluate two relevant studies, which is why you can evaluate both Davidson’s studies and/or HM’s case study that investigate similar behaviours. However, you are also welcome to discuss the interaction of physiology (adrenalin) and cognition (cognitive labelling) in terms of behaviour (emotion), as investigated in the Schachter and Singer study. You will need to know additional studies to support this though (such as Marshall and Zimbardo’s replication – see the relevant page on the blog for this information).

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