Conformity: An Introduction

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Conformity is a fascinating, yet very frightening, phenomena to investigate. It’s also an area of research that naturally carries with it many ethical issues so as you’re reading about research into conformity in this chapter, as with all research, it is important that you are considering the ethical issues surrounding conformity research.

One reason conformity is so frightening to study is because it is a little scary to see just what people will do when they’re faced with pressure from the group.

Arguably the most prominent psychologist to research conformity was Solomon Asch. Asch was the psychologist who devised the experiment using line judgements which has since become known as “The Asch Paradigm”. Time and again experiments using this paradigm have shown a tendency for individual answers to be swayed by the power of the group. But why?

Because it’s such an interesting topic there are many “experiments” that highlight conformity. Here are some…


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