Gr12 Psych: Evaluating Prison

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What you need to do…

Your task is to evaluate the relative effectiveness of prison as a strategy to reduce violence in society. You need to use psychological evidence to support your evaluation.

You can read all about it on this blog post.

Your evaluation should focus on the effectiveness of prison to reduce recidivism rates as the other ways prisons attempt to reduce violence are difficult to measure (however, you are free to evaluate their effectiveness in any way you want provided you can have psychological evidence to support your evaluation).

Your work should be included in your project, “How to reduce violence in society.”

Suggested approach…

  1. Identify the underlying origins of violence and crime (done for you in the post linked above).
  2. Find out how environmental factors can influence those underlying origins (explanation in link above).
  3. Explain how prison might affect individuals based on origins of violence and environmental effects on the brain and behaviour.

Remember that you are free to go about your evaluation however you wish, provided you are using psychological research to support your evaluation. 


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