Observation Considerations (HL)

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What you need to know…

When setting up and carrying out an observation in qualitative research there are many things that the researchers must consider (i.e. think about). You need to be able to identify what these specific considerations are and explain why they’re relevant in the particular context of the study.

Considerations may be related to:

  • Ethics
  • Researcher bias
  • Participant behaviour
  • Accuracy of data gathered

What you need to do…

Working with a partner you are to identify at least one consideration involved in each of these studies. You need to explain why the considerations are important. If you have forgotten about the studies, you can read about them here.

Festinger’s “When Prophecy Fails”

Rosenhan’s “On Being Sane in Insane Places”

“Gang  Leader for a Day”

“Saint Helena TV Study”

Show me when you’ve finished.

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